Meet Author Angela Rodgers

Angela M. Rodgers is unapologetically a lover and teacher of Christ. This relationship was fortified even greater as God restored her through the deaths of her two sons. She is a native of Michigan, enjoys her country living with her kids and her husband Myke. Angela and her husband have adult children, grandchildren, and dogs but equally importantly she has been the foster parent of more than 50+ children. Even in all that Angela is a preacher, Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer and a Victim Advocate for GHOST and works to rescue women who have been victims of sex trafficking.  Angela is a fierce advocate for children and this type of advocacy is only birthed out of true adversity. She is not afraid to share the raw and personal details of her tragedies and grief in order to help others understand the redeeming and healing love of God. Her testimony is her healing.  Her testimony will be the catalyst to your healing as well. As a normal everyday woman and mother, Angela seeks to share her journey of grief and redeeming love of God with you and others. She does not have any fancy titles behind her name or degrees, but she has a powerful story of resilience, faith, grief and surrender that is delivered both with humor and bluntness.